Human Resources

POLICY EXPIRATION: waiver of 1050-hour limit on temporary employment

The waiver of the 1,050 hour limit for temporary hourly staff expires on June 30, 2021. We want you to be aware of this policy expiration, so that your unit can develop staffing plans to operationalize this change and proactively communicate with impacted employees.

Until June 30, 2021, temporary hourly staff employees working in critical positions essential to maintain safe hospital and institutional operations during the COVID-19 state of emergency period are exempt from the UW’s 950-hour limit and the state’s 1,050-hour maximum.

In order to prepare for July 1, 2021, departments should take the following steps based on their temporary hourly employees’ hour thresholds:

Exceeded 1,050 hours

As of July 1, 2021, temporary hourly staff employees who have exceeded the state’s 1,050-hour maximum will no longer be able to work in a temporary hourly capacity until they have passed the anniversary of their original temporary employment date (OTED). Temporary hourly staff who have exceeded 1,050 hours and whose original temporary employment dates are not in the month of July should be terminated if there are not definitive plans to have the employee return to work on or after the anniversary date of their OTED.

Exceeded 950 hours

As of July 1, 2021, temporary hourly staff employees who have exceeded 950 hours will be entered in the Temporary Employment Monitoring Tool as having received authorization to exceed that threshold. Departments should follow the regular monitoring process to ensure employees do not exceed the state’s 1,050-hour maximum.

All other hour thresholds

Departments should follow the regular extension request process described in the UW’s temporary employment program to request extensions to exceed the institutional 950-hour limit.

For more information, visit the Temporary employment program policy or contact your HR consultant if you have any questions.