Human Resources

Update to COVID-19 related policies and new online resources

As the COVID-19 health crisis evolves, UWHR continues to work with senior leadership on guidance and resources to support you and your organizations in welcoming staff working remotely back to campus this September and we anticipate guidance and resources being available in May. The Back-to-the-Workplace Task Force web page is kept current with planning efforts.

On the UWHR website, you can now find a new hiring  resource

Developing and extending the offer: Learn what to include in a conditional offer of employment and understand timing of the final stages of the hiring process.

COVID-19 related policy updates and extensions

FAQs related to COVID-19 vaccine release time: Find frequent questions and answers related to the COVID-19 vaccine release time policy.

I-9 completion requirements change: The waiver of physical review requirements for employees operating remotely remains in place until either May 31, 2021, the termination of the national emergency, or when normal University operations resume under the phased reopening proclamation, whichever comes first.

Accommodation for employees at high-risk for COVID-19: Governor Inslee’s Proclamation 20-46 High Risk Employees – Workers’ Rights was updated April 8, 2021 to allow employers to request medical verification when a high-risk employee (as defined by the Centers for Disease Control) requests an accommodation, beginning April 23, 2021. Additionally, no changes may be made to an existing accommodation without providing an employee 14 days’ advance written notice itemizing changes.

Waiver of the 1,050 hour limit for temporary hourly staff has been extended, approval for campus positions remains required: Temporary hourly staff employees working in critical positions essential to maintain safe hospital and institutional operations during the COVID-19 state of emergency period remain exempt from the UW’s 950-hour limit and the state’s 1,050-hour maximum until June 30, 2021.

  • Campus departments: Contact your HR consultant to request approval for a temporary hourly employee to exceed 1,050 hours. The department must explain how the temporary hourly employee meets the criteria of working in a critical position essential to maintain safe institutional operations during the COVID-19 state of emergency.
  • Medical centers positions are considered essential to maintaining safe hospital operations and do not follow an approval process.

It is unlikely that this exemption will remain in place past June 30, 2021. Employees who have exceeded the 1050-hour limit as of June 30, 2021 will be unable to work additional hours in a temporary hourly capacity after that date.

Other Working during COVID-19 website changes

The following webpages that were specific to the early phases of the pandemic and are no longer necessary have been sunset from the Working during COVID-19 website.

  • Managing student hourly employment
  • Managing temporary hourly employment
  • Recruitment and hiring during COVID-19
  • Spring quarter 2020 academic student employee appointments
  • Time off extensions

Please contact your employment representative if you have hiring-related questions or your HR consultant if you have questions related to policy.