Human Resources

Reminder of resources with rise in hate crimes

In the wake of more violence and hateful acts toward Asians, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders across the country, President Cauce posted the following blog: We must not let racism and xenophobia threaten our community. This was before the terrible attacks in Atlanta last night, where eight people were killed, including at least six women of Asian descent. We offer these gentle reminders of University resources for those in need of support:

  • If you have personal safety concerns or are concerned about the wellbeing of someone you know, please contact SafeCampus.
  • UW CareLink is available to you and your household members if you need to speak with a counselor.
  • Follow your unit’s usual procedure for requesting time off to take care of your own mental and emotional health. UW’s sick and vacation time off policies are generous and the HR leadership team is very supportive of using it as needed for mental health days.