Human Resources

Executive Order 13950 Rescinded

UW Human Resources is pleased to announce that Executive Order 13950 Combating Race and Sex Stereotyping that limited DEI-related trainings was rescinded by President Biden on January 20, 2021.

If your department paused DEI-related training efforts, please consider advancing the conversation on diversity, equity and inclusion in your department by working with POD on customized training or encouraging staff to explore POD’s affordable courses that explore the many dimensions associated with race, building a sense of belonging and creating inclusive workplaces and communities.

Upcoming DEI-focused online offerings:

  • Working across Generations (Feb 3): Learn about the characteristic values, behaviors and assumptions of the multiple and varied generations in today’s workforce, and how to work together for optimal performance and satisfaction.
  • Exploring Cultural Competence (Feb 24 & Feb 26): In a nonjudgmental setting, explore methods for addressing the interpersonal issues that can arise from differences in age, gender and ethnicity among people at the UW.
  • The Erosion of Empathy (March 2 & 4): Measure your own Empathy Quotient, and develop your ability to confront and redirect behavior, attitudes and actions that reflect an absence of empathy.
  • Exploration of Race in the Workplace: A Guide for Self-Study (on demand): Through text, videos and interactive components, explore bias, empathy, inequity and workplace transformation.

UWHR’s leadership team has been working through the Exploration of Race in the Workplace course over the last few months, blending the engaging self-paced portions with reflective group conversations. While we are still on the journey of completing the course, it has brought fresh insights and deepened our internal conversation as HR leaders seeking to foster a workplace culture in which all understand policies and resources and contribute to an inclusive working environment.

If you are interested in developing a cost-effective training plan for your team, please contact