Human Resources

Updates to Professional Staff Program effective January 1, 2020

We are pleased to announce changes to the Professional Staff Program that enhance our program’s benefits, increase compliance, and standardize administration across employment programs. Here is a preview of the changes that are effective January 1, 2020:

Vacation Accrual: The overtime eligible vacation accrual table will be eliminated and all professional staff grades 10 and below will use the same vacation accrual table irrespective of overtime eligibility. This is an increase of one day of vacation time off for current overtime eligible professional staff who have more than 9 years of service. This change will be reflected in accruals earned at the end of the month of January, available for use February 1, 2020.

Sick Time Off Reinstatement at Rehire: Sick time off may be reinstated upon rehire when an employee has no more than a five year break in service, an increase from three years.

Compensatory Time Cash Out: Compensatory time earned by overtime eligible professional staff must be used or paid by June 30 of each year, with no opportunity for extension past the deadline. Removing the ability to extend the deadline ensures payment of overtime in the fiscal year in which it was earned and creates operational efficiencies for departments.

Family Care Emergency: In addition to unpaid time off, sick and vacation time off, and the personal holiday, compensatory time and holiday credit may be used for family care emergency covered reasons. There is a three-day limit per time off type (except for personal holiday, which is limited to one day) for all family care emergency covered reasons.

Education Verification (Medical Centers only): Education will be verified on all regular, fixed term, and temporary staff candidates of medical centers positions who have received conditional offers of employment, including current employees who competitively apply for and are selected for new roles, when:

  • A post-secondary degree (bachelor’s degree or higher) is a minimum requirement listed in the job description
  • A selected candidate indicates a post-secondary degree on their resume, regardless of whether the job description requires a degree

UWHR’s website will be updated with these program changes on January 2, 2020.