Human Resources

UWHR website updates – January 2019

Telework policy & process: Find improved guidance for both employees and supervisors on evaluating the feasibility of teleworking and for ensuring that a telework arrangement works well in the short- and long-term for both the employee and the University. The Telework Plan & Agreement form has also been updated.

Taking time off for an event or activity during the work day: This new web page provides guidance for when supervisor approval and/or time off requests are required for employee participation in work-related events such as orientations, trainings, online courses, and community building activities.

Checklist – Ending Employment (campus) (MS Word): This checklist helps an employee and supervisor understand end of employment responsibilities when an employee resigns from a campus position. This checklist, along with other checklists specific to medical centers and transferring employees, is linked from UWHR’s ending employment pages and from the HR Forms page.