Human Resources

Raise the Bar summer wellness challenge begins July 9

Empower your team and champion wellness in the workplace by signing up as a team captain for the Raise the Bar summer wellness challenge.

Raise the Bar is designed to prioritize health and wellness in the workplace. Beginning July 9 and running through August 31, this challenge highlights five core areas of workplace wellness: being active, eating well, managing stress, cultivating kindness and compassion, and building community. Each core area will be explored and underscored via activities, events and other resources designed to help participants prioritize the health of mind, body, and soul.

Team captains will receive emails, toolkits, and ideas from the Whole U along the way to support and guide their teams through this fun challenge. Team captains can register here to begin rallying their teams!

To learn more about Raise the Bar and activities in each area of focus, please check out this article on the Whole U website. Together, we can strive for a healthier work environment.