Kaiser premiums

Kaiser Permanente 2024 Monthly Premium Increases: What you need to know

While it is not unusual for health plans to make modest adjustments to their annual rates, the newly announced monthly premiums for most Kaiser Permanente plans are significant. View PEBB’s 2023 – 2024 Monthly Premium Comparison chart.

If you are enrolled in a Kaiser Permanente plan, please carefully review the information provided by the WA Health Care Authority (HCA) which notes that increases are between $117 to $159 per month for a single subscriber and up to $457 for those with a spouse and dependents on their plan. All Kaiser Permanente plans except for Kaiser Permanente WA CDHP (consumer direct health plan) will have increased monthly premiums beginning 2024.

Comparing health plan options

When comparing plans, make sure to consider both the premium and the deductible. For full details about the cost of a plan, including coinsurance and copayments for specific medical services and prescriptions, use the WA HCA medical benefit comparison tool and review the plan coverage documents.

The In-person and virtual Benefits Fairs are a great opportunity to meet with health plan representatives and get your questions answered before November’s Open Enrollment.

Take action during Open Enrollment if you want to switch plans

Keep an eye out for the special Open Enrollment edition of the UW Insider, arriving in your inbox on Wednesday, Nov 1. The issue includes helpful guidance on navigating Workday to make your benefit changes.

Once Open Enrollment begins, please make sure to take action early in the month. The ISC’s Open Enrollment web page will include a detailed Workday user guide.

If you are enrolling family members, you will need to upload proof-of-relationship document. You can review the list of what documents qualify on the Dependent Verification page; we recommend scanning the document(s) you plan on uploading and save it to a secure computer before November 1.