Professional & Organizational Development

Fiscal Management Certificate

This certificate is designed for current employees who work, or aspire to work, with fiscal matters at the UW. The core requirements are taught by UW subject-matter experts and lay the foundation for understanding UW fiscal management and procedures. Electives allow you to focus on specific fiscal topics, from taxation to research administration, and to build technical proficiency.

Certificates are for UW employees, and successful completion counts toward six months of experience when applying for fiscal positions here at the UW. Certificates must be completed within five years of the first class taken to fulfill the certificate requirements.

Pursue a certificate

  1. Enroll in the Certificate Program.
  2. Download or print a Fiscal Management Curriculum Guide (PDF) to view requirements and track your progress.
  3. Complete core classes along with the required number of electives. Unless a prerequisite is specified, you may take classes in any order.

The Annual Class Schedule (PDF) may help you plan when to take required classes.

If you’re not currently interested in pursuing a certificate, you can use the above curriculum guide to find appropriate courses or plan your professional development.

Receive a certificate

Upon completing certificate requirements, email for a training history review. Include:

  • Your full name
  • Your Employee Identification Number (EID #)
  • Your UW NetID
  • Your campus box number
  • Your daytime phone number
  • The certificate(s) you have completed
  • If you are a UWMC or HMC employee

POD will present you with a letter and formal certificate. (You’ll be contacted if you have not completed all requirements.)

Understand certificate credit

Certificate requirements are subject to change. If you complete your certificate within the required five-year timeframe, POD will honor requirements that were in place when you began your certificate. Contact POD with any questions about certificate requirements.

UW Human Resources employment specialists and recruiters will credit successful completion of the Fiscal Management Certificate as equivalent to six months of work experience. This experience will be considered when determining if an applicant meets the minimum qualifications for a fiscal position at UW.

Please note:

  • POD does not allow certificate candidates to challenge courses or receive credit for skills already developed through life or work experience.
  • POD does not award certificates for individual courses or for partial completion of certificate requirements.
  • POD certificates are for current UW employees only. Professional & Continuing Education offers certificate programs for the general public.