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Professional & Organizational Development

Assessment tools

Assessments for individuals and teams

POD has developed UW ARC 360, a 360-degree feedback process for specific roles at the UW. In addition, a variety of assessments is offered to help leaders, staff members, and entire teams develop awareness about themselves and others, improve communications and relationships, and advance career aspirations and organizational goals:

Assessment Audience Goal/Focus Description Fee*
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Step I Individuals
Individual, team, and leadership development

Conflict, career, and retention management

Online assessment that yields four-letter type; multiple reports available for different purposes. Reports can compare communication or work styles of two individuals; career and team reports also available. $20–$40 for assessment and report (depending on length), plus coaching & instruction fees*
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Step II Individuals
Individual, team, and leadership development

Conflict and retention management

Online assessment; includes results for Step I and Step II. Step II has 20 preference facets that affect work behavior. $30–$60 for assessment and report (depending on length), plus coaching & instruction fees*
BarOn Emotional Quotient Inventory Individuals
Individual and leadership development Online assessment measures 15 facets of emotional intelligence. $60 for assessment and report, plus minimum two hours coaching*
Team Performance Survey Teams Team management and development Online assessment taken by all team members; yields a report with aggregate ratings in seven key areas and a breakdown of ratings for different aspects of each area. $600 for intact unit teams or work groups with up to 30 members; includes report and 2 hours of consulting
Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument Individuals
Individual and team development

Conflict management

Online assessment measures repertoire of conflict-handling modes. $30 for assessment and report, plus coaching & training time*

* Fees are subject to change. Coaching/instructional time is an additional charge (POD coaching/consulting is charged at $250/hour). The amount of time required depends on client goals, type of report, number of people involved, and any individual or group instruction.

To get started with an assessment and related coaching, contact Consultation Services Coordinator Kim Delaney at or 206-616-8461.