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Karen Armstead

Karen Armstead excels in consulting/coaching in strategies essential for management and operational effectiveness. Her keen ability to assess workplace situations allows her to take a solutions-oriented approach to her work. Her classroom teaching style is interactive, engaging participants in discussions that offer insight for all involved.  Karen has extensive experience in workshop facilitation, curriculum development, program evaluation and development, making presentations, enhancing customer relations, and developing stronger diverse workplaces.  She believes that agreed-upon processes enable organizations and their employees to be effective.  This includes communications resources and tools that support inclusive, shared goals and outcomes.

She holds a Ph.D. in communications with emphasis in persuasive communications, decision-making strategies, and multi-cultural competency. She taught at San Jose State University prior to starting her own consulting firm. This academic training and teaching has led to diverse consulting and training contracts across the U.S. and internationally for Fortune 500 corporations, public agencies, small business owners, professional associations, and nonprofits. In 2016, Armstead Consulting became a member of the University of Washington Consulting Alliance, working to promote racial and social justice and stronger working environments.  She is committed to providing people and organizations with insights, tools, and resources so they can make a difference.

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Robert Armstead

Robert Armstead is known for his ability to bring strategic focus, develop teams, and resolve operational issues. His teaching and consulting work reflect his management and leadership experience within private industry, government agencies, and nonprofits, as well as owning and operating his own professional services firm. Bob understands the dynamics involved in developing organizational capacity, connecting organizations to the larger community, and creating a workplace where diversity matters. It is unusual for one person to have both extensive financial expertise and strong marketing and management skills. He brings this powerful combination of skills into his teaching and consulting with a wide range of clients and workshop participants.  He listens to individuals’ issues and concerns, providing perspective and workable solutions.

He has served as a member of IBM’s management development training staff and was Assistant Director of Pepperdine University’s School of Management Urban Affairs Program. Because so much of his work involves community engagement, he brings the community’s perspective into consulting and training to enrich the learning process.  Valuing diversity is key to engaging communities.  He understands how to assist others in developing communication skills that support the diverse workplace.

Bob currently advises public and private organizations and small business owners and is Washington State President of the National Association of Minority Contractors. He holds an MBA is in management, finance, and marketing.

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Catherine Bachy

Catherine Bachy is an independent leadership coach and facilitator who has successfully offered workshops and in-service trainings in somatic awareness and body intelligence as a presenter at regional conferences and for staff of social services and educational institutions. She has also published a master’s thesis on this topic: Bachy, C. (2010) Building generative capacities in dialogue through somatic awareness. Seattle University. Catherine is also an advanced practitioner in the martial art of Aikido.

Catherine is known for her ability to capture and communicate insights and visual metaphors to help her clients find clarity so that they can map out the future that they desire. Thanks to her approach, her clients can see their work in new ways and move beyond the roadblocks that they face into the territory of solutions and achievements. Catherine is gifted in creating safe space for important and sometimes difficult conversations to take place. She is skilled at noticing the deeper dynamics of what is going on and enabling others to respond in ways that produce more satisfying results. Her key clients include leaders who want to help their teams become high performing while creating a positive work environment and managing conflict and stress along the way.

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Andrew Berg

Andrew Berg is the assistant director of Labor Relations. He primarily supports UWMC, Airlift Northwest, and the UW Police Department, and also works with main campus, UW-Bothell, UW-Tacoma, and Harborview from time to time.

As assistant director, Andrew negotiates contracts and advises departments on their implementation. He also works with departments on day-to-day operations, such as reorganizations, policy changes, or disciplinary issues. He has worked at UW since 2011.

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Tara Bergin

Tara Bergin is a grant analyst in Grant & Contract Accounting.

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Lorna Bixler

Lorna Bixler is a senior auditor with UW Internal Audit.

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Jayne Blackburn

Jayne Blackburn is operations audit manager with UW Internal Audit.

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Mary Jo Blahna

Mary Jo is assistant director of strategic planning and continuous improvement for Facilities Services. Until recently she was the training manager for the Facilities Services Training Center and she has worked at the University of Washington for over seven years.

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Susan Carpenter-Brandt

Susan Carpenter-Brandt is a grant analyst in Grant & Contract Accounting.

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Linda Callecod

Linda Callecod, senior OD consultant for UW Professional & Organizational Development, was formerly an external consultant with POD’s University Consulting Alliance until joining the POD team in November 2012. In addition to her current role, she is President of Seraphim Consulting and Training, LLC. Linda is also a 14-year veteran instructor for UW Professional & Continuing Education certificate programs, for which she received UW’s Teaching Excellence Award in business and management as an outstanding instructor in Human Resource Management. Prior to 2009, she was consultant and partner with the Effectiveness Institute and divisional vice president of training and diversity at The Bon Marche/Macy’s.

Linda has over 20 years’ experience as an executive consultant, keynote speaker, author, and master trainer/facilitator. An SHRM Senior Certified Professional and Certified Professional Coach (CPC), she specializes in developing highly effective leaders, managers, and teams by providing them with tools and motivation that lead to winning results and extraordinary business outcomes.

As a talented and charismatic leader, educator, and consultant, Linda blends a multiplicity of disciplines to deliver highly effective, supportive, yet entertaining learning experiences, as well as game-changing, achievement-focused coaching.

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Phil Clements

Phil Clements is an experienced employment lawyer, litigator, HR professional, and teacher. He began his legal career as the Law Clerk to U.S. District Court Judge in the Middle District of North Carolina, where he advised the judge during trials and drafted published opinions in employment discrimination cases. Afterward he joined Davis Wright Tramaine in Seattle, where he advised regional and national employers and defended them in state and federal courts and before state and federal agencies. Phil joined Washington Mutual in 2000 as the company’s first dedicated HR attorney. He advised HR and business leaders about day-to-day personnel and operational issues and helped the company overhaul its HR systems and policies. He also defended WaMu against a range of employment claims. Since 2008 Phil has served in numerous legal and HR roles, including having his own legal/consulting practice. Phil joined UW in 2014 as part of the Labor Relations team and has been working as a human resources consultant since 2015. Phil has substantial experience teaching lawyers and law students about trial and pre-trial practice, and taught the Employee Relations course for Professional & Continuing Education’s human resources management certificate for a number of years. He has been a regular presenter before legal, HR, and industry groups on a range of topics related to workplace law and effective management practices.

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Lee Davis

Lee Davis brings a wealth of knowledge in classroom facilitation, instructional design, lecturing, and curriculum development. A veteran of the Armed Forces, Davis honed his classroom skills as a damage control instructor for the United States Navy, where he served as a submariner for 15 years.  He taught over 5,000 sailors ranging from seamen to admirals, and has created and facilitated workshops for youth on topics such as personal development, mental self-defense, principles of living, and soaring from within.

Davis serves as a co-facilitator of the Strategic Leadership Program and is a certified master training specialist and curriculum developer. He is also certified as a professional coach.

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Peter Denis

Peter Denis is the assistant vice president of Labor Relations at the University of Washington.

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Dr. Edward Donalson III

Dr. Edward Donalson III has a passion for diversity education. Traveling nationally as a guest lecturer and workshop clinician since 1996, he has a record of accomplishment in excellence with integrity. Edward holds a bachelor’s degree in theology, a master’s degree in global leadership and a doctorate in divinity.  Dr. Donalson has published five books: Moments of Worship, More Moments of Worship, THINK! Retooling Your Mind for Kingdom Success, THINK Again! The Roadmap to Kingdom Greatness,and Unlocking the Genius Within: Essays on Greatness.

Dr. Donalson currently serves Kingdom Family Worship Center Int’l. He is also the president and founder of Logos Life Network and Leadership Institute.

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Ujima Donalson

As director of Professional & Organizational Development (POD) for the University of Washington, Ujima Donalson teaches a number of courses in leadership development and other areas and has been the primary instructor for the Strategic Leadership Program (SLP) for the past eight years. Before joining POD, Ujima spent 15 years at Bank of America, where she served as an Assistant Vice President of Training & Development, as an Operations Manager in the Professional Development Program, and as a Recruiter. Ujima has a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Communication and a Master’s degree in Adult Education from Seattle University. Her professional expertise includes leadership development coaching and consulting, training and facilitation, curriculum development, project management, change management, organizational development, event planning, recruiting, and new hire orientation planning/development. She is a certified professional coach and is certified to administer the Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQ-i) and EQ-i 360. Ujima is also a certified practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. In addition to teaching quarterly courses for POD, Ujima also works for the University Consulting Alliance.

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Art Frohwerk

Art Frohwerk is recognized as a master facilitator, innovator, and implementer. With over 30 years of orchestrating “never-done-before” solutions, he is known for leading efforts to discover the “impossible” answers, always with a strong sense of reality, business savvy, and human factors. One of Art’s lifelong interests has been in visualization—seeing patterns and understanding complex issues in a simple way. From this he has developed a family of best practice tools to engage people, clarify opportunities, achieve results, and leave behind new levels of capability.

Art is a strong practitioner of total quality leadership, systems thinking, and sustainability design. His experience spans key roles in reinventing organizations, their strategies, products, service, and processes. Engaged by over 100 organizations across North America, in almost every industry, Art has spoken to, taught, and led multidisciplinary teams and programs. He has given special attention to healthcare, higher education, and nonprofits.

Art is an alumnus of Walt Disney Imagineering, Procter & Gamble Engineering and Product Development, and Belcan Engineering Group. Art is leader of Clearpath, LLC, focusing on strategic transformation of complex organizations. He holds an Engineering degree from Harvey Mudd College—with continued study in human factors, experience design, visualization, leadership, team performance, and applied innovation.

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Linda Golley

Linda Golley has been a health worker and activist for 38 years. She particularly enjoys working with patients from low-income, immigrant, homeless, and disabled communities.

Linda has developed numerous conceptual models and tools to improve health care outcomes by including and engaging the patient. As a health care activist and consultant, she accepts invitations to assist care teams in making their care processes work for their patients. Linda developed the Barriers to Care Map, which indicates the health care interfaces where patients commonly get stuck and are unable to get their needs met. The map also indicates which patients are most likely to have trouble with specific interfaces, and provides easy ways to eliminate the common barriers.

Linda developed the Library of Non-Print-Based Patient Education Resources, a free online catalog for health care workers, which showcases the many patient-friendly health education tools already available on the market, such as 3D anatomical models, interactive self-care models, talking pill bottles, speaking physiological function monitoring devices, and digital voice recorders.

Currently, Linda is working with technical partners in the community to integrate language support into technically moderated health processes, such as Internet patient portals and doctor-patient email pathways.

Linda’s day job is to manage the innovative Interpreter Services program at the University of Washington Medical Centers. She is a commissioner with the Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters (CCHI), the national certifying entity for medical interpreters. She also serves on the State of Washington DSHS LTC advisory board, which regulates the state certification of medical interpreters.

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Breona Gutschmidt

Breona Gutschmidt, M.Ed., is Learning & Instructional Designer for the Office of Research Information Services (ORIS). She has spent the past fifteen years creating a range of print and multimedia publications and outreach and learning materials at institutions such as Microsoft, the Seattle Art Museum, Apex Learning, and the UW. She served as Learning Manager for the Office of the University Registrar and Communications and Design Specialist for UW Facilities Services before joining ORIS. She holds a B.A. in creative writing from the UW’s English Department and a Master’s degree in educational communication and technology from the UW’s College of Education where she studied human cognition, neuropsychology, and learning theory with noted learning researchers, in addition to conducting her own original research on education and technology in Kenya. She enjoys exploring questions of how new software and hardware will be implemented and developing curriculum tools for new and emerging technologies.

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Ellen Langan

Ellen Langan, principal of Langan + Associates, has been an organizational consultant for over 30 years. Her areas of expertise include organization, time management, communication, and team building. Ellen has 40 years of teaching and seminar experience and is an MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) Master Practitioner with clients throughout the country. She has developed and presented hundreds of seminars and workshops for clients such as Microsoft, City of Seattle, GroupHealth Cooperative, Safeco, Providence Health Care, GTE, WRQ, Seattle Executive Board, and Wizards of the Coast. She has been teaching and consulting for the University of Washington since 1993.

Her business has been featured on KIRO, KING, KOMO, Q13, and Northwest Cable News as well as many local and national newspapers and magazines, including Cosmopolitan and Time. Ellen is a member of the National Speakers Association and the Association for Psychological Type. She was the co-founder and past president of the Seattle chapter of the National Association of Professional Organizers and served as the head of the National Ethics Task Force. She is currently President of the NW Chapter of APTi.

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Lynne Lazaroff

Lynne joined the organizational development consulting team at Professional and Organizational Development with over 25 years of experience. She is described as spontaneous, humorous, inclusive, and the very definition of high energy. These traits help her create a safe and entertaining learning environment where participants are challenged to stretch beyond their comfort zones to explore their potential and maximize their performance.

Currently Lynne’s work focuses on leadership development, change mastery, talent management, coaching, continuous learning environments, team building, and employee engagement. She holds an M.S. in managing for organizational effectiveness from Marymount University and is certified in the use of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), the Personal Insights Profiles (DiSC and PIAV), the Managerial Assessment of Proficiencies (MAP), Core Strengths (SDI), and Emotional Intelligence (EQ-i).

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Peg Marckworth

Peg Marckworth is the principal of Marckworth Associates. She creates brands for companies, professionals, and individuals that set them apart from the competition and catch the attention of the right clients. In her 25-year career in communications, Peg has co-owned an award-winning public relations firm and worked as a child welfare administrator, Washington State lobbyist, and family therapist.

Peg’s collaborative approach is based on her ability to see the potential in others and build on their strengths. With a background in marketing, public relations, and cognitive behavioral therapy, she has a unique perspective on people’s strengths and how to highlight them. Her real world and theoretical understanding of individual and group change helps her clients succeed. Peg holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in psychology.

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Ted Mordhorst

Ted Mordhorst has over 25 years’ experience in research administration. He spent 12 years in the banking industry before embarking on a career in higher education at Washington State University, where he was the supervisor of the post-award office. Ted left WSU to become the manager and compliance officer for the University of Idaho before joining the Grant and Contract Accounting office at the University of Washington in late 2004 as the director for post-award financial compliance. Ted has been active with the National Council of University Research Administrators (NCURA), has given presentations and workshops at regional conferences, and has been an instructor for several post-award financial classes. Ted holds a B.A. in accounting from Boise State University.

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Heather Nicholson

Heather Nicholson is an instructional specialist with Procurement Services at the University of Washington. She has worked in Procurement Services for 10 years and specializes in Ariba and MyFinancial Desktop training.

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Sarah Osteen

Sarah Osteen is President of Spark Strategy LLC, a leadership consulting practice focused on organizational effectiveness consulting, leadership program design and delivery, and executive coaching.

Sarah’s clients span a range of sectors: financial, energy, public sector, pharmaceutical, health care, technology, retail, and nonprofit. Sarah works with clients to deliver high-impact leadership development solutions for both individuals and teams. She focuses on topics at the heart of communication–emotional intelligence, persuasion, difficult conversations, and negotiations.

Sarah spent nine years as a senior solutions manager in corporate learning at Harvard Business Publishing. In her role she worked closely with the Harvard Business Publishing sales team to design powerful leadership development solutions and to help drive the $6 million in annual revenue for the northeast. Sarah continues to maintain a close partnership with Harvard Business Publishing in the role of moderator and senior instructional designer.

Sarah received her BA in English from Georgetown University and her MBA from the F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business at Babson College. In 2012 Sarah attended the Executive Coaching Intensive program at Columbia University and has effectively leveraged her coaching skills as part of robust leadership development programs.

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Joey Pauley

Joseph (Joey) Pauley has spent nearly two decades building and leading high-performance teams, most notably a design team whose products were voted “Best of the Web” by Forbes Magazine and praised by the International Herald Tribune, Town & Country, and The Wall Street Journal. His specialties include designing and facilitating retreats, leadership development, strategic planning, and developing organizational capacity.

After graduating from West Virginia University with bachelor’s degrees in computer programming, graphic design, and business, Joey led web design and development teams. Later he received an M.A. in organizational psychology and certifications in organizational dynamics and integrated skills for sustainable change. He is a past president of the Pacific Northwest Organizational Development Network.

Joey utilizes his knowledge and experience to increase effectiveness in private, public, and nonprofit organizations. As a trusted adviser, groups find that Joey’s process positively changes their organizational dynamics as they work on specific goals. For example, Joey instituted a collaborative process when developing Nomura Trading’s multinational strategic plan. The result was engagement and understanding that spanned language and cultures. His strategic, systemic approach is enjoyable, entertaining, and challenging. Results are often better communication, leadership, and collaboration.

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Jordan Peabody

Jordan Peabody has helped dozens of organizations improve their workplace documents with his practical, hands-on writing workshops. Since 2001, he has led writing workshops for a variety of clients, including City of Seattle, Puget Sound Clean Air Agency, Department of Homeland Security, Community Transit, Western Washington University, Hillsboro Police Department, Washington State Department of Enterprise Services, U.S. Bank, NoteWorld, and others. Jordan has written and edited for both private companies and public agencies, including CCI Solutions, Tacoma Police Department, Washington State Department of Health, and Delaware Department of Health and Social Services.

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Danel Phelps

Danel Phelps worked in the accounting office for a small local retail company for two years prior to graduating from the University of Washington with a B.A. in business administration in 2004. After graduation, she worked in a small public accounting office for two years before she was hired at the UW in fall of 2006. She has served in a number of capacities at the UW since then, including a stint with Housing and Food Services as an accountant 2, working in Team 4 with Grant and Contact Accounting, and her current position as the recharge analyst at Management Accounting and Analysis.

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Jevon K. Powell, Ph.D.

Dr. Jevon Powell is an organizational psychologist based in Seattle who has been consulting full time since 1997. He is a trusted advisor to senior management in a wide variety of industries, governmental agencies, and nonprofit organizations. His specialties include leadership development and executive coaching, change management, Lean and continuous process improvement, and team effectiveness.

The center point of Jevon’s coaching work is helping clients see things from new perspectives.  He asks questions that provoke new insights and new behaviors.  His goal is to help people achieve positive and lasting change so that they can be their most effective at work.

Jevon received his bachelor’s degree in psychology from California State University, Chico.  He began graduate studies in organizational psychology at the University of Washington and received his Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the New School for Social Research in New York City.

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Chuck Pratt

Chuck Pratt is a successful organizational leader, consultant, and instructor with more than 24 years of experience in partnering with organizations to improve work climates. His expertise is in leadership development, team building, conflict management, coaching, interpersonal skills training, group facilitation, emotional intelligence, and dialogue. Chuck has worked as a consultant for higher education, public sector, and health care clients, including UWMC, UWM, and Harborview. He earned an M.S. in instructional systems design from Utah State University. In addition to teaching quarterly courses for Professional & Organizational Development, Chuck also works with the University Consulting Alliance.

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Briana Randall

Briana Randall works in the University of Washington Career & Internship Center as Director of the Internship Project.  She leads a number of behind-the-scenes initiatives with a common goal—ensuring that UW students can access high-quality internships.  She creates materials for, presents to, and consults with employers, academic departments, and UW students to help make sure all parties are speaking the same language and maintaining an intentional focus on student learning.  Briana sits on the Provost’s Undergraduate Internships Advisory Council and Student Life’s Task Force on Student Employment. Prior to beginning her internship-focused role, Briana held a variety of positions in the Career & Internship Center, including career counselor, coordinator of graduate student services, manager of front desk operations, and manager of student employees.  Before joining UW in 2003, Briana earned her doctorate in counseling psychology from Indiana University.

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Kyle Richard

Kyle Richard is director of the University of Washington’s Tax Office. Kyle graduated from the University of Washington Foster School of Business with his undergraduate degree and from the University of Washington School of Law with his law degree. As director of the Tax Office, he is responsible for filing all University of Washington tax returns, providing tax guidance to UW departments, and ensuring that UW remains in compliance with international, federal, state, and local tax laws.

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Tamara Rivet

Tamara Rivet has been developing and implementing training, outreach, and communications on research administration policies, best practices, processes, and procedures for staff and faculty across the University of Washington for over seven years and is the learning, outreach, and communications specialist for the Office of Sponsored Programs.

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Darryl Wm. Russell

As a highly skilled and charismatic instructor and master facilitator, Darryl Russell is known for his ability to connect with others and for his warm, humorous, yet focused style of leadership. His successful sales and service management reputation and leadership expertise were factors that helped launch his career as a regional training manager and field supervisor for the McDonald’s mid-west Great Lakes Division—winning every award in leadership and operational excellence available to managers at his level from 2004-2014.

In addition to his management and training responsibilities, Darryl started his own music production company and wrote musical themes for training and corporate presentations. Soon, he began working with senior executives as a presentation coach for out-of-the-box skill development that utilized music for branding and team engagement.

Now an independent consultant, Darryl delivers highly effective interactive learning experiences in team dynamics, influencing, coaching, behavior and communication styles, conflict resolution, and presentation skills, with practical, achievement-focused application.

Darryl served as guest speaker for University of Washington’s Adult Learning and Development Certificate program in the early 2000’s and currently teaches for Seraphim Consulting and Training as well as UW Professional and Organizational Development (POD).

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Andra Sawyer

Andra Sawyer is the assistant director of post-award fiscal compliance at the University of Washington. She has over 25 years of experience in grant and contract administration. Areas of expertise include financial management and planning, compliance, budgeting, operations, human resources, and systems design and implementation. Prior to joining the UW, Andra spent 20 years working in the area of compliance, financial management, and systems development for a Washington, DC-based nonprofit and three years with PATH, a Seattle-based nonprofit.

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Laura Schrag

Laura Schrag is a senior auditor with Internal Audit.

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Julian Schrenzel

Julian Schrenzel, founder and Chief Spontaneity Officer of Improv-Alive and the Seattle Improvisation Community, has over 25 years’ experience as a professional actor, singer, corporate trainer, and teacher/practitioner of improvisation. Julian leads workshops in which people with little or no performance experience engage each other with a new and different set of tools that dramatically increase their creative/collaborative abilities. His workshops focus on whole-body listening, multi-sensual expression, teambuilding, leadership, support, change management, public speaking/presentation, and more.

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M. Peter Scontrino

M. Peter Scontrino is a graduate of Seattle University and Michigan State University. Peter is a Seattle native who has a Ph.D. in industrial-organizational psychology and is a licensed psychologist in the State of Washington. Peter has served on the faculties of the University of Washington, Seattle Pacific University, and Seattle University and has been a consultant for over thirty years. He has worked with a wide range of organizations in the application of continuous improvement and lean concepts. Specifically he has applied continuous improvement concepts in government organizations, nonprofit organizations, and manufacturing organizations. He participated in a study mission to Japan where he studied Toyota and other organizations. He has served as an examiner for the Washington State Quality Award. Peter’s work has shown him that continuous improvement tools and concepts can be used in any organization—either as an organization-wide change effort or as a focused improvement effort in a department or unit.

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Deborah Seaman

Deborah Seaman has over 20 years of experience in organization and management development, specializing in organizational change, Total Quality Management, and strategic planning within higher education and health care settings. She holds a B.A. in sociology and a master’s in public health from the University of California at Berkeley. Selected projects include strategic planning in a division crossing two university campuses, involving designing systems and structures to foster and sustain integration; designing and facilitating transition sessions with staff of two merging organizations; facilitating feedback sessions and coaching members of an executive team interested in fostering greater truth-telling among themselves; and facilitating the management of a large division’s transition from providing manual transactions to using technology with clients. Past clients include medical centers and various departments at the University of Washington and Stanford University, Yale-New Haven Medical Center, the Council of Washington State University Presidents, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. In addition to teaching quarterly courses for Professional & Organizational Development, Deborah also works with the University Consulting Alliance.

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Clive Shearer

Clive Shearer left Britain over 20 years ago seeking new horizons and expanded his skills as a facilitator, educator, coach, and consultant. He came on board with POD in 2004 and says that his greatest satisfaction occurs when the people he guides gain practical workplace and lifetime lessons.

Clive teaches seven quarterly classes for POD: Conflict Resolution Skills for Health Care Professionals; Difficult People and Difficult Behavior; Training, Coaching, and Mentoring for Success; Rapid Process Improvement; Turning Negative Emotions Into Positive Outcomes; Conflict Management; and Stress Management. In addition, he excels at retreat facilitation and leadership coaching, offering humor, behavioral insights, and a practical approach to building teams. He has led over 1,000 workshops and retreats and served over 375 clients, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Clive’s higher education and healthcare experience is extensive, working with over 50 University of Washington, Health Sciences, and UW Medicine departments.

Clive enjoys travel, languages, exercise, reading mysteries and histories, and is a pen and ink and watercolor artist.

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Stuart Sweazey

Stuart Sweazey is a compensation consultant with the UW Compensation office. Stuart graduated from the University of Washington in 2010 with a bachelor’s in art and started working shortly after for the UW in 2011 with the UTemp Staffing Program. Over his time with the UW, Stuart has held various roles across campus, including positions within the College of Education, Campus HR Operations and, as of 2014, a new role within the Compensation Office. As a compensation consultant, he oversees many diverse clients and colleges, including the College of Arts and Sciences, Foster School of Business, Clinical Medicine departments in the School of Medicine, University Advancement, UW Bothell, UW Tacoma, College of Education, and the School of Law.

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Cass Tang

Cass Tang, PMP, is a sought-after instructor and facilitator for project management, estimating, budgeting, risk management, meeting management, communications, facilitation, and scheduling. She graduated with a mechanical engineering degree from the University of Washington and worked for the shipbuilding, aerospace, and pulp and paper industries before transitioning to technology project management. In 2007, she started her own consulting company, All Project Solutions, Inc., serving clients globally. She has helped to stabilize and grow organizations and boards with key processes and intuitive heuristics.

Cass has taught for UW Seattle and Tacoma campuses, community colleges, and federal agencies. Using project management lean six sigma concepts, she combines lecture, group exercises, case studies, and assessments and her classes are highly interactive.  Customized training allows for application of concepts in real-time with actual, live projects.

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Greg Taylor

With over 25 years of training and facilitation experience, Greg Taylor has directed dialogue with groups in the business, educational, government, healthcare, nonprofit, and criminal justice sectors. He navigates easily and comfortably within controversial frameworks with people who have strong beliefs and who—quite often—operate from positions of power and influence.

Greg’s innovative, energetic, and dynamic facilitation and training style creates and sustains authentic engagement from participants. His approach is a transformative synthesis of intentional training design and effective facilitation focused on outcome-based interactions. He seeks to create movement—in participants’ understanding, positions, and values—to establish receptivity to new ways of achieving desired results. He collaborates with clients to cultivate a safe environment that fosters open dialogue in processing new perspectives and deliberating on innovative solutions.

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Janet Tomita

Janet Tomita is a senior compensation consultant in the UW Human Resources Office of Compensation. She is a certified compensation professional (CCP) through WorldatWork (formerly American Compensation Association) and has over 25 years of experience working in compensation at state, city and regional agencies, a private utility company, a wireless communication company, and with a global consulting firm. She received her bachelor’s degree in Art from the University of Washington.

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Lupe Valencia

Lupe Valencia is Director of the University of Washington’s Management Accounting & Analysis.  She joined UW in January of 2015.  Lupe has spent several decades in higher education accounting executive leadership positions.  Most recently, she served as a Chief Finance and Administrative Officer at the University of Alaska Anchorage. Her previous positions include Assistant Comptroller for the University of Arizona and Financial Reporting Manager for the University of Texas at El Paso.  Lupe has also been an accounting instructor at several post-secondary institutions and has over eight years of teaching experience.  She holds a B.B.A. and M.B.A. in accounting from the University of Texas at El Paso and is a Certified Government Financial Manager.  In her current position Lupe manages the Recharge and the FA teams.  She is tasked negotiating and compiling UW’s facilities and administrative (F & A) proposal, including associated federal negotiations.

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Mary Kay Voss

Mary Kay Voss is a results-oriented training and facilitation professional with more than 30 years of experience. As an associate at Agreement Dynamics, Mary Kay provides facilitation and training services in collaboration, facilitation, team building, and communication. She is a certified trainer in Success Signals—a communication seminar designed to assist people in recognizing and appreciating their own and others’ styles of communicating. Her recent clients have included Port of Long Beach (California), City of University Place, City of Puyallup, Seattle City Light Asset Management Department, Mill Creek Senior Center Foundation Board, Merrill Gardens, and Estate Homes, among others. Her professional experience also includes work as a financial planner and stock broker. Mary Kay served on the Mill Creek City Council from 2002-2010. Since then she has been steadily involved in community theatre. In October 2013, her co-authored book Totems of September was published, which has been a finalist in three national writers’ competitions.

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Randy West

Randy West is the director of the University of Washington Compensation Office. He has also been the compensation consultant for Upper Campus, Bothell, and Tacoma since 2000, and for the past several years has taken an increasingly active role in compensation for Health Sciences, the School of Medicine, and UW Medicine. He reviews professional staff and classified positions, answers questions about overtime status, and assists clients with compensation aspects of reorganizations. Before he joined the UW, Randy worked in the Seattle office of a global human resources consulting firm. Since civil service reform in 2004, he has represented the Compensation Office on management negotiating teams for WFSE; WFSE Skilled Trades; Teamsters Local 117, which represents UW police officers; and WFSE-UW Police Management Association. He is a certified compensation Professional through WorldatWork (formerly the American Compensation Association) and received his professional in human resources certification through the Society for Human Resource Management. Randy received his bachelor’s degree in English from California State University, Long Beach, after beginning his studies at Western Washington University.

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John Whitney

John is an internal software trainer at UW Procurement Services and has an extensive knowledge of many different Ariba applications that have been implemented at the UW. He also has over 13 years of experience working as a buyer and managing contracts at the UW.

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Jamie Wilson

Jamie Wilson has worn many hats since joining Professional & Organizational Development (POD) in 1999, including her current role as senior communications specialist. Her varied duties at POD include writing marketing blurbs, web text, and newsletter articles; editing the Leading Edge newsletter and various internal and external communications; crafting marketing strategy for POD’s programs and services; and assisting with course planning. She holds a B.A. in literature and society from University of Tulsa and completed a continuing education certificate in literary fiction through the University of Washington Extension. Troubled by wrongly placed apostrophes and the lack of “comma sense” in today’s world, Jamie enjoys helping people improve their written communication skills. One of her favorite books is a hefty nine-pound unabridged dictionary, and she is delighted every time her toddler correctly conjugates verbs.

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Jackie Wolfe

Jackie Wolfe is an organizational development consultant and human resources leader with over 15 years of experience in all phases of the people side of business. She has worked as both an internal and external consultant in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors and has spent over 10 years working within the University of Washington community. Her professional expertise includes leadership development coaching and consulting, team building, strategic advising, project management, change management, organizational development, employee relations, recruiting, staffing, training and facilitation, program development, new hire orientation, and outplacement services. She is certified as a Dependable Strengths Instructor, sourcing recruitment specialist, and professional coach and is qualified to administer and interpret many psychological assessments. Jackie is also trained in mindfulness-based stress reduction and wellness programs. Her approach focuses on getting to know people’s strengths in order for them to achieve greater personal fulfillment and have more satisfaction in the workplace. She earned a B.A. in communications and business from the University of Arizona, and currently is finishing her master’s in organizational development with major emphasis in psychology and leadership. She is a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), Puget Sound Coaches Association (PSCA), National Organizational Development Network, American Psychological Association (APA), and participates in monthly panel discussions with the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and the American Society of Training & Development (ASTD). Past clients include: Microsoft, Regence Blue Shield, Swedish Medical Center, Boeing, Accenture, Washington Mutual, Amazon, Cascadia Consulting Group, Alaska Airlines, Planned Parenthood, Group Health, Providence Health System, Safeco, Home Depot, Real Networks, Seattle Pacific University and Starbucks. When she is not at work, she enjoys yoga, meditation, biking, being outdoors and spending time with friends and family.

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