Professional & Organizational Development

Layoff training

If you are a UW employee separated through layoff and in active layoff status, you are eligible to take a select number of courses and workshops at a fee-exempt or fee-reduced rate.

To be eligible you must have already received your official Layoff Notification Letter and be considered by the UW as in active layoff status. You must attach a copy of this official Layoff Notification Letter to your layoff registration form. Ask your HR representative if you have any questions about your layoff status.

If you meet these criteria, you need to complete the registration steps listed below. You will be registered on a space-available basis.

How to register

  • Print and fill out the registration form .
  • Attach a copy of your official Layoff Notification Letter to the registration form (REQUIRED).
  • Attach personal CHECK for payment (unless course is fee-exempt).
  • Complete form and mail to Professional & Organizational Development.

Spring 2017 offerings

Spring 2017 Layoff Registration Form (PDF)

  • Turning Negative Emotions Into Positive Outcomes, Q0060, April 11
  • The Trust Advantage, Q1400, June 20
Webinars (fee-exempt)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint Techniques, QW007, April 6
  • Microsoft Word Techniques, QW008, April 6
  • Microsoft Excel Techniques, QW004, May 4
  • Advanced Microsoft Excel PivotTables, QW014, May 16
  • Microsoft Excel Macros, QW015, June 5
  • Microsoft Word Techniques (QW008), June 28
  • Microsoft PowerPoint Techniques, QW007, June 29
Reduced Fee ($25; attach check to registration form)
  • Negotiating Effectively, Q1580, May 2
  • Learned Optimism: Understanding Your Explanatory Style, Q0720, May 22

NOTE: UW employees separated through layoff and in active layoff status are eligible to register for all Professional & Organizational Development catalog courses, but will pay the regular UW fees for those not appearing on this page.