Professional & Organizational Development

Spring course spotlight: Kaizen Methods and Practice

Kaizen Methods and Practice (Q1251)

Thursdays & Tuesday, May 11, 16 & 18, 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. ($200)

Kaizen offers a way of thinking that encourages a holistic sense of seeing, understanding, changing, and verifying good work processes, and it allows employees to improve and streamline their efforts. The key to Kaizen is learning how to regularly make little changes that increase productivity and eliminate waste.

In this intensive three-session course, participants explore a variety of ways to apply Kaizen methodology and insights within their organizations. Participants learn what Kaizen is and its relationship to other Quality Management methodologies (Lean, Toyota, 6-Sigma, Rapid-cycle, etc.). In addition, participants have opportunities to practice applying a diverse set of related process-focused understanding tools, such as IDEF, Fishbone, SIPOC, and Performance Charting. In order to get the most from this workshop please plan on investing in two brief (< 1 hour each) homework assignments — after session 1 and session 2. Reviewing your work with the instructor is encouraged.

Instructor: Art Frohwerk