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Philip S. Heller

Learning Design Associates


Consultant Philip HellerLearning Design Associates is a professional service firm founded in 1979. We help with strategic planning, reconciliation of fractured professional relationships, coaching and customized training. Our clients come from the technical, engineering, scientific, professional, and support services that direct and staff educational institutions and community service agencies.

Each project is a unique systemic effort. We consider the whole client system (e.g., current events, significant drivers, key stakeholders, strategic plans) when working one-to-one or with the entire department. We learn the important traditions, philosophy and operations in order to custom design change projects and coaching approaches. Our clients gain greater self-awareness and skills and acquire current insights in change management. Our clients understand and appreciate that we are in it for success over the long haul.


  • Creating strategic direction ƒ
  • Solving delicate professional conflicts between individuals, within teams and between departments ƒ
  • Reconciling and improving work relationships
  • Leadership and staff performance coaching and development ƒ
  • Customized leadership and supervisory training ƒ
  • Experience with technical, research, science and engineering clients


  • Assisted science center directors, a 60-staff division, and national program researchers to create 5-year service/science plans while developing team standards for cooperation. ƒ
  • Conducted goal-setting retreats for elected and appointed policy boards to create 1-year plans. ƒ
  • Supported cross-functional labor-management and leadership teams to recommend, plan and implement changes in schedules, staffing and job roles. ƒ
  • Facilitated leadership alignment, manager-manager and staff-staff dialogues to surface issues, share expectations and reconcile relationships for more productive handoffs. ƒ
  • Guided allied agencies (e.g., inter-departmental, agency-contractor) to close rifts and create agreements for joint cooperative action and mutual respect. ƒ
  • Ongoing feedback, coaching, and transition counseling with staff and directors to improve team and leadership skills and enhance career options.


  • Ph.D., Michigan State University, Education ƒ
  • M.S., Michigan State University, Ecology ƒ
  • B.A., City College of New York, Biology, cum laude ƒ
  • Tavistock Group Dynamics
  • ƒMaster’s Degree Committees Member, Seattle University ƒ
  • Certified: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
    • Strong Interest Inventory
    • Strength Deployment Inventory
    • FIRO-B; Thomas-Kilman Conflict Inventory


  • University of North Dakota School of Medicine ƒ
  • City University of New York ƒ
  • NOAA Fisheries Science Center ƒ
  • King County Library System ƒ
  • WA State Board of Pharmacy
  • King County Departments ƒ
  • US Federal Executive Institute ƒ
  • USFS Pacific NW Research Station ƒ
  • Federal Aviation Administration ƒ
  • Sound Transit
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