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Bob Wheeler

Triangle Associates

Consultant Bob Wheeler


Since 1979, Triangle Associates, Inc. has provided an array of neutral facilitation, mediation, conflict resolution, strategic planning, public involvement, and environmental education services to help all levels of government, nonprofits, higher education institutions, and communities address the most pressing environmental and public policy issues of our generation. Triangle has a proven track record of fostering collaboration and dialogue on sensitive issues and enabling groups with diverse interests to find common ground and reach mutually-acceptable agreements on technically complex, contentious, and time-sensitive issues. We work with each individual client to ensure that the process meets their needs, and have a highly qualified team that allows us to consistently complete projects on time and on budget.


  • Designing and facilitating multi-party processes, specializing in facilitation of technically complex topics ƒ
  • Mediating and facilitating conflict across jurisdictions ƒ
  • Producing meeting summaries, outreach documents, and other supportive materials suitable for decision makers, stakeholders, and the general public ƒ
  • Conducting policy research and assessment of natural resource and other policy issues connected to higher education, workplace, and government environments
  • Performing situation assessments, as well as designing and facilitating meetings, retreats, and strategic plans ƒ
  • Working with higher education, local, state, federal, and tribal government officials and staff to build a common base of information through active listening and interviewing, field trips, multi-party conference calls or webinars, and other custom-designed workshops and training courses ƒ
  • Qualified professional development coaching and use of validated psychometric tools


  • Triangle President Bob Wheeler has over 37 years of experience in the design and facilitation of multi-party stakeholder groups for various levels of government, nonprofits, and higher education institutions. He is a licensed professional engineer in three states, and combines inter-personal skills with acute technical understanding to communicate complex scientific ideas to stakeholders in an understandable format. Bob has a long working history throughout the Puget Sound area and many of his projects involve partners in higher education. ƒ
  • Recent projects include: facilitating the Climate Legislative and Executive Workgroup chaired by Governor Inslee and made up of Legislators from both parties, which was charged with developing a program of actions and policies to meet Washington’s greenhouse gas goals; facilitating meetings of the King County E-911 Public Safety Answering Point Future Configuration Recommendation Committee, with the goal of helping representatives from several jurisdictions reach consensus on a more efficient configuration of 911 call centers; facilitating and mediating the Department of Natural Resources’ Timber, Fish, and Wildlife Policy Committee, a multi-stakeholder group advising the Washington Forest on all subjects related to the Forests & Fish Report of 1999.


  • Masters of Civil Engineering ƒ
  • Licensed Engineer in Washington, Colorado, and Idaho ƒ
  • Association for Conflict Resolution
  • Accepted member of the U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution’s (USIECR) National Roster of Conflict Resolution Professionals ƒ
  • American Water Works Association


  • City of Seattle – Seattle Public Utilities ƒ
  • City of Seattle Office of Sustainability and Environment ƒ
  • King County Executive Office ƒ
  • NOAA ƒ
  • National Park Service
  • State of Washington Governor’s Office ƒ
  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ƒ
  • U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution ƒ
  • Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife ƒ
  • Snohomish County
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