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Watch this page! Information will be updated with the launch of Workday and the Integrated Service Center (ISC) on June 27, 2017.

As of June 19, 2017, the current UW payroll system (HEPPS; OPUS) and other legacy systems, including Employee Self Service (ESS) and OWLS, will no longer accept edits and will be converted to read-only in preparation for Workday go-live. Learn more about how you can get ready for Workday by visiting the HR/Payroll Modernization Program website.

OWL record maintenance

Timekeepers are able to create, update, and end an employee’s leave record. There are normally a very limited number of timekeepers for a unit (e.g., a primary timekeeper and a backup).

The role of the timekeeper is to enter an employee’s work and leave hours on a timely basis, using appropriate source documents. A timekeeper may also serve as a source of information about rules, policies and practices, and provide reminders to employees for approaching deadlines for use of various types of leave. Only the timekeeper is granted access to enter and update employee records.

Timekeepers will be required to log in to the Online Work/Leave System (OWLS) with a UW NetID, password, and a SecurID. Both the UW NetID and the SecurID are obtained from UW Technology.

All work and leave information in OWLS must be authorized, documented, and regularly reconciled with related data maintained in your department or office.

OWLS is intended for use by authorized employees only, and authorization for use is solely at the discretion of department management. In order to protect the privacy and integrity of the records in OWLS, you must log out or password-protect your computer screen whenever leaving your desk.

To view a list of all employees in your department’s PUC, log in to OWLS as follows:

1. Navigate to the OWLS home page and click on the “OWLS Log in” button.

2. Click on the "Log in as Timekeeper" button

3. On the UW NetID log in page, type in your NetID, password, and SecurID code number. 4. Click the "log in" button

5. You will be taken to an OWLS disclaimer. Once you read and understand it, click the “I agree” button to enter the OWLS main page.

To view the record of an employee in you PUC, enter the employee;s name or EID and click "Next"

Requests to obtain OWLS timekeeper access must be made by the administrator completing the online OWLS access request form. Additionally, OWLS timekeepers will need to attend the Leave Record Maintenance class (Course Code Q0160) offered through Professional and Organizational Development.

Problems logging in? Your SecurID may not be synchronized with OWLS. Please contact UW Technology to synchronize your SecurID.

The Online Work/Leave System (OWLS) has various sections or tabs through which you can modify an employee’s record.



The work and leave hours are entered and updated in the calendar view of OWLS. There are various codes that may be selected for work and leave entries. The most common codes are addressed on the Making regular updates to an employee record page.

Schedule/FTE/Service Period

Changes to an employee’s work schedule, FTE, and service period are made through the “Schedule/FTE/Service Period” tab.


The employee’s accrued monthly balances of paid leave are displayed through the “Balances” tab. Clicking on a month allows you to view the calendar entries for that month.

From this screen you are able to create a printable yearly summary.

Balance change

The following types of adjustments can be made to leave balances through the “Balance Change” tab:


An employee’s anniversary date, UW hire date, vacation accrual month, months of leave without pay, probationary or trial period date ranges, months of prior service credit, and name of supervisor(s) may be modified through the “Profile” tab.

End record

Use this tab to follow the process of ending an employee’s record.

In the Online Work/Leave System (OWLS), once an employee’s time is entered for a month and the month is submitted, Post Entry Review Messages (PERMs) are sent to the employee and the supervisor for review. If necessary, previously submitted months can be reopened for editing when changes need to be made. Editing a previous month will require resubmitting the month and sending revised PERMs.

To edit calendar entries in previously submitted months, open the employee’s record and take the following steps:

1. From the open month, navigate to the month you wish to edit either by using the monthly drop down or by clicking back to the month.

 2. When you have located the completed month that you wish to edit, click "Edit this Month." This will reopen the month and all subsequent calendar months for editing.

3. Before you have finished editing the calendar entries, be sure to enter a note explaining the changes.

4. Then click on “Submit Month and Send PERMs” to resubmit the month for review by the employee and supervisor(s).

To learn about making calendar entries to the monthly calendar, visit the Making Calendar Entries page.

The work and leave hours are recorded in the calendar view of the Online Work/Leave System (OWLS). Various codes are used for work and leave entry. The table below lists work and leave types, the corresponding code that OWLS uses for the entry, and the supporting documents required for each work and leave type.

Type of Hours or Leave OWLS Leave Designation Supporting Document(s)
Annual Leave

Designated as FMLA
For child care or elder care emergencies

  1. Employee request
  2. Department approval
Bereavement Leave B
  1. Employee request
  2. Department approval
Civil Leave C
  1. Summons
  2. Department concurrence
Compensatory Time Accrued
Comp Time Accrued (1.5 rate)
Comp Time Accrued (1.0 rate)
Comp Time Accrued (2.0 rate)
  1. Overtime authorization
  2. Employee request
  3. Department approval
Compensatory Time Used
Designated as FMLA
For child care or elder care emergencies
  1. Employee request
  2. Department approval
Cyclic Yearly Leave CYL Department notification
Discretionary Leave
Designated as FMLA
For child care or elder care emergencies
  1. Department award
  2. Employee request (use only)
  3. Department approval (use only)
Holiday Credit Accrued HA * When an OT exempt employee is required to work on a holiday, a directive to work on a holiday is necessary documentation.
Holiday Credit Used
Designated as FMLA
For child care or elder care emergencies
  1. Employee request
  2. Department approval
Holiday Time Worked & Paid HP
  1. Employee request
  2. Department approval
Leave without Pay
Designated as FMLA
For child care or elder care emergencies
  1. Employee request
  2. Department approval
Military Leave
With pay
Without pay
  1. Employee request
  2. Military orders
  3. Department concurrence
Worked & paid (1.5 rate)
Worked & paid (1.0 rate)
Worked & paid (2.0 rate)
Overtime authorization
Personal Holiday
Designated as FMLA
For child care or elder care emergencies
  1. Employee request
  2. Department approval
Sea Overtime
IBU: Worked & paid (1.725 rate)
IBU: Worked & accrued (1.725 rate)
Non-IBU: Worked & paid (1.725 rate)
Non-IBU: Worked & accrued (1.725 rate)
Overtime authorization
School Break Leave SBL Department notification
Shore Leave SLU
  1. Employee request
  2. Department approval
Sick Leave
Designated as FMLA
For child care or elder care emergencies
  1. Employee request
  2. Department approval
Shared Leave Used
Designated as FMLA
Military or Emergency Worker
  1. Shared Leave Request Form
  2. Donations Confirmation
Work Hours W Timesheet (for overtime eligible employees)

OWLS will automatically calculate the annual leave accrual rate and month based on entries in the employee’s profile. Each time you update an employee’s record, OWLS will calculate the new leave balances.

OWLS is not, however, tied to the payroll system. Payroll coordinators will need to enter into Exception Time Reporting (ETR) the appropriate earn types that correspond to the overtime worked & paid and leave without pay OWLS codes.

To enter hours worked and leave hours used, you will need the employee’s approved timesheet and any applicable supporting documentation. To make these entries, open the employee’s record and perform the following steps:

1. Select (highlight) the day(s) into which you wish to make entries by clicking in the calendar. 2. From the drop down menu, select the code you wish to enter or modify. 3. Enter the number of hours. 4. Click "Update Calendar." 5. When entries have been completed for the month click "Submit Month and Send PERMs."

Making specific entries

Tips for Making or Changing Entries

To view prior months, click the button for the pervious month or choose a pervious month and year from the dropdown list. To clear a calendar entry highlight the day you wish to clear and click "Clear Selected Date(s)." To quickly populate a month with the employee's regular schedule, click the "Quick Schedule Fill" button.

An employee may have prior Online Work/Leave System (OWLS) records if the employee has worked for another UW department, held another position in your department, or if the employee’s position has been reclassified. These prior OWLS records are not deleted and can be accessed.

To access an employee’s prior OWLS record(s), open the OWLS home page and take the following steps:

1. Enter an employee's ID number or name. 2. Check the box to the left of "Include Prior Records" in the "Choose and Action" section. 3. Click "Next."

You will see the record(s) for the employee.

Lines highlighted in gray are prior records that are now read-only.

You can also access an employee’s prior OWLS record(s) from the employee’s current OWLS record. In order to do this, take the following steps:

Click on the "Balances" tab at the top of the screen. 2. Click on the link associated with the time period you wish to view.