HR Operations

Hiring process guide

Key steps to hiring staff

Here are the key steps you’ll need to complete to hire staff:

  1. Create your requisition in UWHIRES (you’ll need budget information and a list of approvers/reviewers).
  2. Your selected approvers will review/approve the requisition.
  3. Your employment specialist will review/approve the requisition, and will forward it to the Compensation Office when required.
  4. When fully approved, your employment specialist will post the position to the UW employment website, where applicants can apply for the position.
  5. Your employment specialist will review resumes against all requirements and then place top candidates on your hiring manager workbench in UWHIRES for you to review.
  6. You will review resumes, conduct interviews, and check references on final candidates prior to making a final hiring decision. During your review and evaluation of candidates, you will disposition candidates to track and document their status in the hiring process.
  7. Once you have selected a qualified final candidate, you will need to establish a proposed salary and obtain approval for the salary offer.
  8. Your employment specialist will review and approve the proposed salary offer.
  9. Your designated department approvers will review and approve the salary.
  10. Once the salary has been approved, you can make the offer to the candidate. Contact your employment specialist if salary negotiation is needed. (For positions that are designated as security/safety sensitive, offers must be made contingent upon a successful background check.)
  11. After an offer is accepted (and background check completed), move forward with post-offer activity and on-boarding as well as final dispositioning of any non-dispositioned candidates.
  12. All new appointments, including temporary appointments, must be entered into the UW payroll system on or before their first day of employment.

General hiring information

The employment process is managed through UWHIRES and step-by-step hiring instructions for different types of  employment programs and appointments are provided in the left hand side links.

  • Approval for hiring: The UW Compensation Office is responsible for determining whether a position is classified or professional staff, and whether the position is overtime covered or overtime exempt.
    • For classified positions, the Compensation Office assigns the job classification.
    • For professional staff positions, the Compensation Office must confirm that the position meets one or more of the exemption criteria, and then assign the position to a salary grade and pay range; in order for the Compensation Office to make these determinations you will need to complete the appropriate form.
  • Employment specialists are here to help: Each department (or position type in some cases) has a dedicated employment specialist who coordinates and provides guidance and support throughout the hiring process. Employment specialists work with hiring managers and departmental administrators to post jobs to the UW employment website and place other recruitment-related advertising. During the selection process, employment specialists assist departments in developing interviewing tools, reviewing the applicant pool for top candidates, advising on required reference checking, developing offer letters, and conducting background checks. If you are a new hiring manager, you will need to be setup in UWHIRES (contact your employment specialist). You will be given your own Manager Workbench where you can view and keep track of all your recruiting and selection activities.
  • Criminal background checks: At the time of recruitment for a new or vacant position (or before a volunteer can be engaged) each employing unit is responsible for determining whether the position is properly designated as security/safety sensitive in accordance with the established criteria for designating security/safety sensitive positions. Your employment specialist can assist with identifying if the position fits these criteria.
  • Extending temporary hourly appointment: Visit My HR Tools to find new tools for extending temporary hourly appointments and checking temporary hours worked, as well as streamlined process for monitoring hours worked by temporary hourly employees in accordance with the 950 work hour limit.
  • UWHIRES – manager’s dashboard: For information and resources for UWHIRES, visit our UWHIRES – manager’s dashboard page.