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Labor Relations


Coalition (SEIU 925 and WFSE) Negotiation Updates

UW has agreed to negotiate with SEIU 925 and WFSE together as a coalition for the 2017-2019 collective bargaining agreements.

American Federation of Teachers

Representing English language extension lecturers in UWEO’s International and English Language Programs (IELP).

Inlandboatmen’s Union

Representing UW employees working aboard the research vessel Thomas G. Thompson.

Service Employees International Union 925

Representing various employees across UW, including clerical, administrative, technical support, service workers, analysts, and healthcare and laboratory professionals.

Service Employees International Union 1199

Representing nurses, social workers, and other healthcare professionals at Harborview Medical Center, Airlift Northwest, and within UW Health Sciences.

Teamsters 117

Representing police officers in the UW Police Department.

Teamsters 117 Print Plant Craft Employees

Representing employees working in print production within UW Creative Communications.

United Auto Workers

Representing academic student employees such as research assistants, teaching assistants, readers, graders, and tutors.

UW Housestaff Association

Representing residents and fellows in the UW School of Medicine and in the UW School of Dentistry.

WA Federation of State Employees Master

Representing various employees across UW, including skilled trades, food services, custodial services, library services, and healthcare workers.

WA Federation of State Employees Police Management

Representing sergeants and lieutenants in the UW Police Department.

WA State Nurses Association

Representing registered nurses at University of Washington Medical Center.