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Specification for Class



8757 (WFSE Libraries)


Lead assigned staff and perform complex library technical tasks in support of the overall library function.


Regularly assign, instruct, and check the work of others.

Under general supervision, using manual and/or automated systems, perform complex library technical tasks such as assist clients with general reference and bibliographic questions using basic tools, perform complex circulation and collection maintenance functions, search and verify library material orders and receipts, locate and revise catalog copy, input/update complex library records, and maintain the operations of a library unit.


Lead assigned personnel in the operations and support of a library unit; recommend changes and improvement of unit routines or procedures; evaluate and monitor work processes;

Assist clients with general reference and bibliographic questions using basic tools; refer clients to appropriate employees for other services;

Search and verify library material orders and receipts, using manual and/or automated systems, catalogs of the Library of Congress, the National Union Catalog, and other bibliographic sources;

Prepare and/or interpret bibliographic listings using bibliographies, indexes, catalog systems, and abstract services; verify complex bibliographic information using print, non-print, or automated sources;

Catalog library materials using close catalog copy from sources such as Library of Congress (LC), Online Computer Library Center (OCLC), Cataloging in Publication (CIP), National Library of Medicine (NLM), Research Libraries Information Network (RLIN), and Western Library Network (WLN); transcribe information onto a work sheet for review;

Identify, verify, and process complex added copies/volumes or reserve materials; input and/or revise catalog records in local, regional, national, or international databases using specific knowledge of appropriate cataloging rules, machine readable coding, and local practice; maintain complex holdings records;

Input and/or process library materials orders, purchase orders, and invoices utilizing local, regional, or national databases using specific knowledge of rules and codes;

Arrange, index, and inventory special materials such as manuscripts, newspapers, clippings, slides, and photographs for bibliographic control;

Assist clients at public service desk(s); interpret and explain library procedures, rules, and service policy;

Assist clients and other library units with locating, retrieving, and checking out materials;

Order replacement materials; discard and withdraw items identified as not needed for collections; reinstate and relocate materials;

Perform complex circulation services; make authorized decisions regarding exceptional circumstances such as waiver of fines, exceptions to normal policy, waiver of limitations, and interpretation of policies; prepare library evidence for appeals of library fines;

Initiate and answer specified correspondence resolving special problems or inquiries; compile and prepare reports;

Perform complex gift processing; maintain exchange agreements; assist in donor relations;

Perform interlibrary loan borrowing and lending procedures; perform complex bibliographic and location verification; search citations with problems;

Assist clients with the library's audio-visual and computer equipment which support non-print materials and machine readable data products such as microform reader-printers and CD-ROM readers;

Maintain periodical and other serial subscriptions; initiate renewals as subscriptions expire; process claims; maintain serial records;

Identify, recommend, and prepare library materials for bindery/mendery; maintain complex bindery records;

Monitor and control stacks maintenance;

May collect fees, process cash receipts, make deposits, and maintain fiscal records;

Perform the duties of Library Technician III;

Perform related duties as required.


High school graduation or equivalent AND three years of applicable library technical experience, including one year beyond the entry level


equivalent education/experience.

New Class: 8-7-92
CSR Class Conversion (mc): 06-01-05