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Specification for Class



7046 (SEIU Local 925 Clerical Supervisory)


Provide support to the chief administrator or head of a major organizational unit such as a school, college or major academic or administrative department. Represent the administrator and/or unit's goals and interests and provide and/or coordinate functions such as budget and space management/analysis, grant and contract proposal preparation, records management, student services and/or personnel administration.


The following components are evaluated when determining the overall scope and level of responsibility of the work performed. Each component does not have to be met but rather they are assessed in totality when deciding if a position is best described by this class.

Under general direction,

1. Scope and Impact of Position's Decision Making Authority

Delegated decision making authority is exercised in areas such as approval of expenditures which require changes in budgetary plans, determination of depreciation and/or fee schedules, remodeling and/or management of office, laboratory and classroom space, assignment of work to office support staff and development of procedures to facilitate adherence to institution or funding agency policies. Exercise judgment to solve unusual administrative problems consistent with the objectives and policies of the unit and university or college.

2. Scope of Position's Operational Responsibility

Monitor, control and develop budget estimates for activities funded from a variety of sources such as state, grant, contract and cost center accounts. In concert with administrator, establish short- and long-term fiscal plans and performance goals. Develop, plan and coordinate special projects such as coordinating move of facilities/office, production of annual report, community outreach and conducting surveys of major importance to the unit. Coordinate administrative standards and procedures for independent yet interrelated departmental, school or campus functions.

3. Scope and Impact of Position's Public/Organizational Contact

Have extensive contact with individuals such as senior management staff, administrative officers, community leaders and local, state and federal officials. Represent the administrator and/or department in meetings on and off campus and exercise delegated authority to commit to courses of action without prior supervisory approval. Employees represent the administrator in situations requiring a high level of tact and diplomacy where the effect of an error in judgement may have significant impact.

4. Scope of Position's Supervisory Responsibility

With delegated authority, interview and recommend the selection of applicants, conduct training, assign and schedule work, act upon leave requests, conduct annual performance evaluations and recommend disciplinary actions.

Supervise support staff typically performing varied functions or services.

5. Complexity of Organizational Unit to which the Position Provides Administrative Support

The organizational unit is complex and subdivided so that problems of coordination and control are of significant dimensions. Unit includes significant responsibility for at least three of the following functions: instruction, research, business services, administration (including student services), trades, patient care, community service and extended institution services.

6. Size of Organizational Unit to which Position Provides Administrative Support

Unit has more than 75 full-time equivalent professional and/or classified staff


service responsibility for more than 4,000 students or staff (full-time equivalent).


In the regional universities, college and community colleges:

Positions serve as the sole administrative support in an organization that has institution-wide responsibilities in a variety of areas of an organization with a significant number of institution officials of academic or administrative divisions/departments reporting to the organization head.


Positions serve as both sole administrative support AND the executive secretary reporting to the organization head. These positions are assigned to major units with institution-wide responsibility that have no assistant directors, deans or managers who would share the administrative duties of the position.


Develop budget estimates, monitor and control budgets from a variety of sources such as state, grants, contracts, service fees, cost centers, gifts and endowments; assist in establishing annual financial goals or target dates;

Compile data and prepare complex grant/budget proposals for new, continuation and competitive renewals on grants and contracts;

Gather, analyze and present data such as departmental plans, faculty activity reports, annual reports, grant reports and project reports for evaluation;

Interpret and respond to funding agency inquiries; prepare annual reports and resolve contractual issues;

Coordinate space management including renovation and/or remodeling for administrative, laboratory and classroom areas; assist in preparation of long-range plans for space utilization and renovation;

Advise supervisor regarding budget status and development, space management, purchasing, staff and academic personnel administration;

Act as liaison communicating on supervisor's behalf with senior management, faculty, staff, colleagues at other agencies/institutions, representatives of funding agencies and officials from professional organizations, business, industry and government, interpreting policies and making decisions which facilitate progress of project(s);

Coordinate administrative standards and procedures for independent yet interrelated departmental functions such as research, curriculum and instruction;

Establish procedures and interpret and apply administrative policies to the work of the unit;

Compose, prepare and transmit confidential and sensitive information regarding unit business;

Direct and/or coordinate special projects of major importance to supervisor's organization or professional involvements;

Develop agendas for conferences including topics to be covered, order of speakers and length of presentations;

Provide direct confidential secretarial support to unit head or administrator; format transcription; record minutes; compose, edit and/or keyboard/type letters, acknowledgments, notifications, confidential and sensitive materials, etc.; sign correspondence after clearing technical or policy content with supervisor; screen, prioritize and distribute incoming mail;

Coordinate and/or complete the preparation of documents related to travel, purchasing, payroll, budget, student employment, event coordination, etc.;

Perform the duties of Administrative Assistant A;

Perform related duties as required.


High school graduation or equivalent AND five years of progressively responsible experience in office, secretarial, bookkeeping, accounting, or general administrative work


equivalent education/experience.

New Class: 1--03-73
Revise MQ: 10-16-75
Revise MQ: 07-02-90
Revise Class: 7-1-91

CSR Class Conversion (mc): 06-01-05