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Federal Work Study w/OASI deduction

(Social Security taxes deducted)

For payment of UW student hourly positions filled by students who have been awarded Federal Work Study funded by the UW office of Student Financial Aid.

Wages are subject to Social Security taxes:

  • For Undergraduates when credits taken are below 6.
  • For Graduates when credits taken are below 5.
  • For thesis / dissertation students (700-800 courses) if credits taken are below 2.

Undergraduate Student

  • Undergraduate WS
  • 0875 Student Assistant

Graduate Student

  • Graduate WS
  • 0881 Teaching Fellow
  • 0882 Research Asst
  • 0883 Staff Asst

Use limited to these job class codes only.

Hours x hourly rate


Department - OPUS

NOTE: Official Work Study Time Sheet available from work study office

UW payroll computer system automatically changes WFO to WSF when credits taken are below the limit.