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Plan coverage: certificates and summaries

While all plans cover the same basic health care services, you may want to know whether or not a certain service is covered by the plan. The most direct way to find out is to call the plan and ask. Alternatively, you can read the plan’s certificate or summary.

The plan’s Certificate of Coverage (also called the benefits booklet) describes the plan in detail. These booklets are long, but they can be helpful if you need to know something specific. If you simply want an easy-to-read summary that lets you quickly review the plan, take a look at the Summary of Benefits and Coverage.

Plan Certificate of Coverage (2017) Summary of Benefits and Coverage (2017)
Kaiser WA* CDHP (Individual)

Kaiser WA* CDHP (Family)

View (PDF)

View (PDF)

View (PDF)

View (PDF)

Kaiser WA* Classic View (PDF) View (PDF)
Kaiser WA* SoundChoice View (PDF) View (PDF)
Kaiser WA* Value View (PDF) View (PDF)
Kaiser Permanente NW CDHP View (PDF) View (PDF)
Kaiser Permanente NW Classic View (PDF) View (PDF)
UMP Plus: Puget Sound High Value Network View (PDF) View (PDF)
UMP Plus: UW Medicine Accountable Care Network View (PDF) View (PDF)
UMP CDHP View (PDF) View (PDF)
UMP Classic View (PDF) View (PDF)

*Kaiser WA – formerly known as Group Health