Health insurance

Health and dental plans

See your medical and dental plan options.

Compare health plans

Compare medical plan costs, networks, and coverage

Eligibility for insurance

Eligibility requirements for health insurance and other state-provided benefits

Health insurance options for those ineligible for UW coverage

Find health insurance options that are available for people who are not eligible for one of the University's health insurance programs.

Premium surcharges

You must pay an extra fee if you or a dependent uses tobacco or if you add a dependent who has declined other health coverage

Tax reporting and your benefits – FAQ

The Federal Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires employer‐sponsored medical and dental costs to be reported on employee tax forms. Find out how report these details

COBRA: Continue your insurance

Pay to continue your health insurance when your employment ends or you lose benefits eligibility

Graduate appointees: health insurance

Academic student employees (ASEs) receive health insurance through the Graduate Appointee Insurance Program (GAIP)