MammoVan: Mobile mammograms

To catch breast cancer in its early stages, the American Cancer Society recommends that women over 40 have an annual mammogram. As part of your UW benefits, you can get those screenings at no cost through a partnership with the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA).

Because it can be a challenge to fit a mammogram into your schedule, UW Benefits offers a mobile mammography service on campus for Uniform Medical Plan members. With different convenient stops on campus regularly scheduled, the MammoVan makes it easy for you to get screened and get back to your day no matter where you are at UW.

Please note that Group Health members are required to receive all mammography services from a Group Health Cooperative facility. Claims submitted from a non-Group Health facility will not be reimbursed.


Find the location and times of the van’s campus stops below, or check out the MammoVan Calendar (PDF) if you’re interested in seeing off-campus locations. Once you double check your plan’s coverage, you can call SCCA at 206-288-7800 to schedule your 15-minute appointment.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016
Southwest corner of UW Tower (map)
At 11th Avenue NE and NE 43rd Street
Area construction map (PDF)

Wednesday, November 9, 2016
Red Square (map), near the Henry Art Gallery

Every Thursday at Harborview Medical Center
West side of the hospital between the garage and main entrance.
Hospital map, directions, parking, and shuttle service

For other locations in the greater Seattle area, see the SCCA’s mobile mammography service.

MammoVan FAQS

Who is this service for?
This service is for female UW faculty, staff, and librarians who are age 40 and above and are covered by Uniform Medical Plan (Regence).

Is an appointment necessary?
While no appointment is necessary, making an appointment assures that you will receive a mammogram at your scheduled time. To schedule an appointment, please call 206-288-7800 between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

Walk-in appointments are accepted whenever possible. If you see the van in service, please knock on the door to inquire about the next open appointment.

What should I bring to my appointment?
Please bring the name and address of your primary care physician, your UMP/Regence medical insurance card, and a picture ID. Please do not wear any deodorant, lotions or creams the day of your appointment.

What happens after my appointment?
After your appointment, Regence will be billed directly. The results of your exam will be mailed to you and your physician within 7-10 business days.

How should I prepare for a mammogram?
The National Women’s Health Information Center offers these guidelines for what to do before a mammogram:

  • When scheduling the appointment, plan to go about one week after your period. Your breasts will be less sore at this time
  • If you have breast implants, make sure you tell the facility about them when you schedule your appointment
  • The day of your mammogram, wear a separate shirt and skirt, shorts, or pants, not a dress. It will be easier to just remove your top during the mammogram
  • To avoid shadows on your result, don’t use any lotions, powders, deodorant, or perfumes on the day of your mammogram