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Manage stress

Stress is unavoidable, but there are many ways, fortunately, to manage it. Use the resources on this page to discover new ways to manage stress. And if you already know your favorite ways to de-stress, connect with others who share those interests.

The Whole U

Meet up for mindfulness, join a knitting group, take a lunchtime run, do some yoga, or learn how to make meals in a mason jar. There are many ways to stress less. Discover more ways and connect with your colleagues while you’re at it: The Whole U offers free events, workouts, social groups, and hundreds of online articles to help you stress less and be well. It’s all created by and for UW faculty and staff.


Looking for ideas and guidance to help you de-stress? Join SmartHealth, the state’s voluntary and confidential wellness program (available to all PEBB medical plan subscribers). On the website, you’ll be able to develop a plan for managing stress. You choose what activities work for you then earn points for each activity you complete. Track your progress and, if you want, share your progress with other SmartHealth members. Sign up for SmartHealth.

Health education services and support groups

Health education services and support groups at UW Medicine are available to patients, families and community members. Stress relief groups at Harborview Medical Center include: Knitting for Wellness, Laughter Club, Tai Chi, and Yoga. Classes are free.

Stress management advice from your health care plan

Visit the website of your health care provider to get more advice and resources about managing stress. Much of the information is available for everyone to use. However, to access some of these resources you must be a medical plan subscriber.

Uniform Medical Plan

The Uniform Medical Plan is administered by Regence BlueShield. On the Regence website, you’ll find tips and advice for managing stress. These resources are available to everyone.

If you are a Regence subscribe, you have access to their health support services, which include health coaching to manage stress and other wellness tools. You’ll need to enter or create your member username and password to access Regence BlueShield health programs.

Group Health Plans

Visit the Group Health Stress Management page to get health tools, learn about the causes of stress, and find ways to relieve stress.

Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente members have access tools to help reduce stress, including HealthMedia Relax, a customized plan to manage symptoms and health issues related to stress. You’ll need to enter or create your member username and password to access this content.